Personal Training

In the past, personal training may have seemed like a luxury, but today, it is a necessity. The large fitness centers have become too complex with their static equipment, too trendy in their classes and offer standard exercise methods and techniques that treat everyone on a ""one-size-fits-all"" basis. It's always crowded, often impersonal and sometimes too complicated to follow the set routines.

I keep it simple. I am a Practioner of corrective exercise and wellness coaching who will develop safe, efficient and results-oriented programs to fit into your schedule and fulfill your health needs. I provide exceptional and friendly service in a professional atmosphere of excellence. And most importantly, every moment is totally devoted to you. Your program, your goals, your total fitness. There are no classes, no contracts and no interruptions.

Personal Training Sessions cover:

  • Fat loss
  • Resistance training for strength, hypertrophy (muscle gain)
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular training for fitness
  • Nutrition planning
  • Sports specific conditioning/ strength training
  • Myoskeletal and physiological load  assessment


Services offered include:

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Sports Performance
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Injury Prevention and Pain Management
  • Rapid Release Technology
  • Resistance training for strength, hypertrophy (muscle gain)
  • Pre and Post Rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular training for fitness 
  • Tennis and Golf Conditioning 
  • Nutrition planning 
  • Comprehensive Assessment


As a C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 2

Your first step is to contact me for a no obligation consultation where we can discuss your needs and goals. If  we determine it is right for you, I will conduct a thorough musculoskeltal and movement assessment. Using the results of your assessment along with an assessment of your nutritition and lifestyle, I will design an exercise and nutrition programme to get you on your way to vibrant health. 

We can discuss a plan to get together to monitor your exercises and keep you on track and update your program when needed. Most importantly, it is all about addressing your needs as an individual and tailoring a plan to suit you. 

I look forward to working with you!

Specialities include;

  • Corrective Exercise
  • Posture education and ergonomics
  • Core conditioning
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Massage therapy and Myofascial Release
  • Lifestyle Coaching

My Approach

I base my exercise programs on the training and teachings of the world-renowned C.H.E.K Insitute, located in California USA. Committed to a holistic approach C.H.E.K Practitioners are widely-recognized as the finest and most highly trained exercise therapists, strength & conditioning specialists and nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the world! The C.H.E.K approach to corrective exercise can assist you to overcome the following conditions:

  • Back Pain 
  • Weight Gain
  • Chronic Injuries 
  • Poor Posture 
  • Degeneration Joint Pain
  • Weight Loss 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Chronic Stress 
  • Inflammation

Your journey 

Your journey begins with an assessment of your current physical, emotional and mental condition. 

I will then design a corrective exercise program to not only address any pain you are experiencing but to focus on the underlying cause of these dysfunctions. The program will enable you to restore optimal health and vitality. 

Initially I will have you complete a series of questionnaires. These can all be done via my website. After you have completed your questionnaires, I will review them and contact you to set-up a Comprehensive Postural Assessment. 

After your assessment, I will design a customised exercise program based on both your assessment and submitted questionnaires. Exercise programs generally consist of corrective stretches along with resistance & cardio training, depending on your needs. You will receive an easy-to-follow detailed description of your exercise program, including acute variables such as Rest, Tempo, Intensity, Duration, Repetitions and Sets. This information along with Video clips of each of your exercises is all available for you to view via my website.

 "Everyday I walk myself into a state of well being and walk away from every illness"  

Soren Kierkegaard