There are plenty of benefits from living a healthy and active lifestyle. So remember it is NEVER TOO LATE....

Benefits of Personal Training after 70

Improve overall functional capacity

Improve strength, balance and flexibility

Diminish cardiac risk factors

Improve joint stability

Improve appearance

Avoid falls reducing risk of injury

Independent living


       Maximize Your Potential 

    Surpass Your Expectations

Who Are We........

A group of experienced professionals committed to tailoring specific programs for individuals with special needs and concerns. At Reach Your Potential we believe that every situation is unique and each deserves the time and attention to be carefully designed and monitored for long term success.
 What Reach Your Potential can do for you.....
Personal Training is no longer considered a luxury. It is a must for anyone who wants to succeed in achieving overall wellness and independent living. It is important that we prevent muscle imbalances and postural disfunction with the proper program design. Information gathered from the initial assessment will be used to commence the program using corrective exercise techniques. Improving posture, flexibility, core function and strength will diminish and reduce aches, pains ,fatigue and discomfort. All RYPFP clients can take advantage of free email support. Your fitness coach will be with you every step of the way. Nutritional and motivational support will keep you on track making goals attainable and permanent.
At Reach Your Potential we make sure you follow a training regimen that is right for you.
We are committed to excellence and giving you the best experience available.
We take into account your personal health history and goals.
We strive to make your workouts effective, safe and fun.

 Programs Include:

Active Adult- Designed to challenge the healthy adult through smart, safe, and vigorous training.
Super Senior-  This program is designed to help improve daily functions and injury prevention through exercise alternatives. 
Post Rehab- The development and the implementation of fitness programming for clients with special needs and post-rehabilitation conditions who have been released to exercise by their doctor.
Pilates- This method of  "Mind and Body" exercise helps achieve leaner, stronger, and more flexible bodies. This non-impact system integrates postural alignment, simultaneous muscular stretching, and strengthening.
Sports Specific- An exercise program which is formulated to increase the athletes success through specific exercises tailored to the sport.
Athletic Development and Performance- A unique program geared towards developing the young athletes potential. A comprehensive program that addresses strength, quickness, balance, flexibility, power, and speed. This program uses a wide variety of training styles and equipment based on the athletes needs and goals. The mission of the program is to improve attitudes, confidence, and performance, increasing the athletes success in their sport. All age groups are welcome.
Golf Conditioning- This program is based upon the principles of functional exercise which is designed to restore balance, length, strength, and coordination of movement patterns specific to golf. The program consists of flexibility, stability, strength, and power progression, allowing the golfer to condition for the game in a manner that is conducive to optimal golf performance.
Trainer for Life- You have never had a problem fitting your workouts in, but you also have never had a workout tailored to your personal needs and physical characteristics. An exercise program can be a great way to get yourself fit and healthy, but it also can be a place to set yourself up for   postural disfunction if not done properly. Each of our muscles have certain jobs to do. If we over strengthen and shorten or under utilize and lengthen this will lead to poor mechanics, limiting range of motion which will lead to pain. So if you are a veteran fitness enthusiast or just beginning, meet with our coach to evaluate and keep you on the right path to proper fitness. You will meet every six weeks to modify and add progression to your routine.

Buddy Training- This cost effective program is designed for all levels of exercise. A friend or spouse will embark on this journey with you to make significant changes in your attitude and outlook regarding a healthy lifestyle. A journey of hard work, commitment and sacrifice that will help you both look and feel younger, stronger, and leaner, giving you confidence and pride in your appearance. Your trainer will meet with you three times a week for 50 minutes and the sessions will be tailored to specific goals and needs. This twelve week commitment is to ensure that exercise becomes a habitual pattern. A food journal and exercise homework will be required on days you do not meet with your trainer. Mutual encouragement from your partner and trainer will make your goals attainable and permanent. 

Wellness Coaching-  A personal trainer is not a registered dietician or a licensed and or degreed nutritional expert. A personal trainer can give you general nutritional information that will enable you to make wise food choices when planning your meals. Learn to balance food choices andeating behaviors into your lifestyle.

 Reach Your Potential Athletes Club

Reach Your Potentials athlete's are expected to demonstrate leadership skills, motivation, determination, discipline resulting in
excellence. A commitment from the athlete, family and RYP working towards a long term vision and goal for professional development and growth.
The training program follows a strategy of periodization which is used in collages as the tool for optimal results and growth.
RYP is a goal driven program for athlete's wanting to achieve.

I trained with Julian as a college volleyball player during the summer of 2005. I have worked with many different personal trainers in my years as a multi-sport athlete, and as far as knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for physical wellness is concerned, Julian is one of the very best. Julian is the type of person who will always go that extra mile to make sure you're getting the results you want. He readily worked out with me at 5:30am 3 times a week, as well as made sure I was eating the right foods, and competitively encouraged me during my workouts outside of our session. With my workouts, Julian always made sure that the work I was doing was sport specific and knew exactly what I needed to be doing in order to be in top form for the start of the volleyball season in August. I have never felt more confident on the court than I did that season, and I know I owe that to Julian's dedication to my success.

Emily Bumby