C.H.E.K Practitioners look at the entire human being as a holistic entity

Through an understanding of how control systems integrate, producing our moment to moment and long term physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality, the C.H.E.K Practitioner can more efficiently and effectively isolate the area(s) each client needs coaching.

"Optimal Wellness is your ticket to a longer, happier life.
    Don't pass up your chance for the only kind of insurance nature has to offer.... Living Well"

Julian Turner

Julian Turner is a C.H.E.K Practitioner 2, C.H.EK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, C.H.E.K Tennis Conditioning Specialist. C.H.E.K Coach and owner of Reach Your Potential. He specializes in corrective exercise, post-rehab, athletic development, sports performance and lifestyle coaching. With over 25 years of experience his integrated approach has helped individuals and athletes improve performance, prevent and recover from injuries and pain.

A competitive endurance cyclist, athlete, husband and father. Julian believes that to truly teach and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle one must practice what one preaches. Keeping up on the cutting edge of training, rehabilitation and performance, Julian is continually studying and researching optimal methods to help his clients achieve their goals.  

" I have commited my professional carrer in advancing my knowledge and education to enhance the lives of my clients through safe proven methods that achieve results. Providing the tools and knowledge necessary to improve performance, appearance, reduce and eliminate pain, empower for longevity, vitality and happiness."

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