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Julian Turner

C.H.E.K Practitioner 2, C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach 1, C.H.E.K Coach, C.H.E.K Tennis Conditioning Specialist,Rapid Release Technique Provider

What Clients are saying

I have been in business of training for over 35 years. I would rate Julian as one of the top one percent of trainers I've ever met. His expertise, enthusiasm and professionalism are first rate. He can work with any client and with any situation. He is extremely passionate about the profession and willing to share ideas and knowledge. If anyone asked for a recommendation, Julian would be the first one on my list. He's the best and I give him my highest recommendation.

Jim Truitt

I have known Julian and used his professional services for almost 20 year. Over that period he has continued to maintain a high level of expertise. Every time I have gone to Julian for help he has designed a program to meet my specific needs. He has also been a great motivator to help me meet my goals. I highly recommend Julian if you are trying to improve your fitness and health.

Ed Kenny

When you decide to hire a personal trainer, you are charting a course for your personal best. As you know, achieving your personal best is not easy: otherwise, you would be there now.. Therefore, when you commit yourself to hiring one, you should expect that the trainer has the expertise, dedication and time to help you get to where you want to be. Julian Turner is that trainer. He is experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable. He strictly adheres to good form, attentively refreshes your routines and practices what he preaches. He recognizes that there are many parts to a healthy body. Combining fitness and nutrition equates to an increase in the quality of your life, a decrease in risk of diseases and a decrease in your stress level. He gently encourages full effort on all sides of the health equation. In sessions with him, Julian challenges his clients appropriately. He will drive you to perform a few more reps than you thought possible. He trains for peak function. You never leave in pain. Nor do you wake up two days later unable to function. He insists upon good form and protects your joints. He modifies or alters exercises immediately if you have a twitch of pain or discomfort. Julian trains many different clients. Retired individuals, couples, young athletes, triathletes, body builders, post operative patients, stay at home moms, and so many more. He is constantly educating himself in the field, researching the newest fitness theories as well as vigilantly reviewing anatomy. I certainly look forward to each session I have with Julian as I have trained with him over the past few years. He has seen me achieve my peak form, and helped keep me stay healthy and strong during my third pregnancy. I am confident I am getting the best trainer money can buy.


Brenda Harris M.D.


We sought out Julian to assist our 13 year old with agility training to make him stronger on the tennis court. What he brought into our son's life was much more amazing than that. Not only did he help him become faster, more agile and stronger on and off the court, he helped increase his confidence and how he viewed his own outward appearance. Julian has helped and continues to help our son better his posture and alleviate the "teenage boy shoulder slump" that most kids age develop as they navigate puberty. He has taught him the proper way to breathe and brace through exercises, weight lifting using olympic weights and even how to jump rope properly. I had ACL Reconstruction done 6 months ago and soon I will be seeing Julian as a client to increase and maintain my post-rehab fitness and strength.

Lisa Gee-Gray 

I have been training regularly with Julian Turner of Reach Your Potential for approximately 15 years. I quickly lost 45lbs and have subsequently maintained a healthy weight and BMI. He also has been instrumental in helping me manage a work related musculoskeletal disorder. Julian is knowledgeable,professional and results oriented. I recommend him without reservation.

Daniel E. Pearcy, DDS, MS



I trained with Julian as a college volleyball player during the summer of 2005. I have worked with many different personal trainers in my years as a multi-sport athlete, and as far as knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for physical wellness is concerned, Julian is one of the very best. Julian is the type of person who will always go that extra mile to make sure you're getting the results you want. He readily worked out with me at 5:30am 3 times a week, as well as made sure I was eating the right foods, and competitively encouraged me during my workouts outside of our session. With my workouts, Julian always made sure that the work I was doing was sport specific and knew exactly what I needed to be doing in order to be in top form for the start of the volleyball season in August. I have never felt more confident on the court than I did that season, and I know I owe that to Julian's dedication to my success.

Emily Bumby 



For the past three years I have followed a series of progressive exercise programs designed by Julian Turner and approved by my cardiologist. They build upon my initial rehabilitation following Cardiac Bypass Surgery in 2004. These programs have greatly improved my strength, balance, endurance and flexibility. I have been impressed by Julian's professionalism and recommend him very highly.

John Kaminski, M.D.


I've been working with trainers, for may years, in many places and you are the best! You are particularily good working with older people. In that you understand the importance of balance and core strength. I am 74 years of age and do not have the dicipline to regularily train by  myself, but always enjoy working with you. You have a wonderful personality, and a way of making training enjoyable.

Peter McKeen 


After joining the El Conquistador Country Club in the spring of 2005, I was referred to Julian Turner to assist me in personal training. I had been to water aerobic classes for nearly 20 years but I felt I needed other exercises to keep me more active. Before I began working with Julian, I was using a cane for balance. After a short time of performing the exercises he gave me, I did not need my cane anymore. My balance has improved greatly and I'm much more active. I just celebrated my 90th birthday and I owe much of my well being to the schedule Julian worked out for me.

Thanks and Sincerely,

-Doris Wade 



I have known Julian for almost 20 years. I have witnessed, first hand, his skills as a personal trainer become more and more advanced. Julian built Reach Your Potential from the ground up and has made it a very successful business with an underlining goal to help others achieve levels of fitness they may not have reached on their own. Julian has been a terrific friend, but most importantly, he has kept me honest with my fitness goals. From nutrition guidance to injury prevention to recovery from injury... Julian has been there to help me with each training session. He has helped educate me on exercises that keep my core strong and my posture up right. There has never been one triathlon, bicycle race, or run, that Julian's advice and positive words of encouragement has not entered my mind and kept me going. Thank you Julian for all you do for others as well as for me!

Michele Keilin



Finding Julian in July of 2004 was an answer to a prayer for us. My husband at the age of 74 fell from a ladder in April and suffered a sub dural hematoma. Our primary care physician recommended Julian following weeks of physical therapy. Jerome needed assistance with walking, balance and muscle strengthening to help him enjoy an improved quality of life. A few months after watching Jerome improve, I asked Julian if he could work me into his schedule, I was 75 years of age. We both feel richly blessed to have Julian as our personal trainer and friend. He is always cheerful, happy, professional and ready to guide us with different routines that give us confidence. I could write pages of fun with Julian however the bottom line is coming to exercise three times a week is a luxury to teach us and the benefits are healthy and rewarding.

Thanks Julian

Lois and Jerome Chandler 2009



I have been a client of Julian Turner's for 15 years. I came to Julian for personal training because I wanted to increase function, strength and flexibility. I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child and had a Harrington rod fused to my spine when I was fourteen. Since then, my flexibility was limited, and I over compensated my upper body weakness by utilizing my hips and legs for most of my activities. Julian has been diligent and consistently observant of my limitations, and over the course of the 15 years, he has enabled me to regain the strength back in my upper body.

-Joanna L. McCright



Dear Julian,

It has almost been a year since I came to you in order to get on a program to gain strength and endurance. As you know I had been working out in a gym for several years, but had been following my own routine. I did not feel I was making satisfactory progress. I am now 67 years old and I am running out of time. Under your expert care I have gained strength, flexibility, endurance and muscle mass and at the same time have lost some weight. People tell me that my appearance is improved and I know my posture is better. I know that these results are due to your skillful guidance and instruction. I have been very impressed with the progression of exercise and the way they match my capabilities. I look forward to continuing with you in the future and continuing to make progress towards better health and fitness.


Peter E. Parnell MD

 I’ve been seeing Julian for over 2 years after moving from Seattle to Tucson. I had previously undergone several surgeries, and was very weak. I also had some significant pain and limited mobility in my arm. My legs were weak and I had limited mobility in my left leg. Julian assessed me and the 1st step he recommended was visiting a physical therapist to gain enough strength to safely begin strength training. After that I began training with Julian 2 – 3 times a week. Under Julian’s guidance I’m stronger now than I have been since my youth. I had always thought a personal trainer was only for athletes or celebrities. Because I was in so much pain and so out of shape, I took a chance with Julian and am very happy that I did. Julian works with people of all ages and abilities. He’s professional, affordable and will work with you to set attainable goals and improve your overall health. I would highly recommend Julian Turner to anyone trying to improve the quality of his or her lives.

 M. Broderick

We have seen Julian in action at our health club with a variety of his clients, spanning serious athletes to children to senior citizens. So when we decided that we wanted our 13 year old son to really learn proper fitness training techniques as well as understanding and good attitudes, Julian was our first and natural choice. Our goal was also to somehow get our kid to adopt a passion for fitness, and Julian proved very adept at connecting with our son. This expertise goes beyond being a personal trainer; Julian's ability to connect with the client and tailor a program quite suited not only to technical/physical needs, but also to the psychological aspects, really made a difference. For any of our PT needs, be it preparing for a marathon race, or to enhance physical abilities for another goal, or like mentioned above to truly "coach" our children into not only a useful technical understanding of fitness but also to adopt the philosophy and passion, then Julian is our first and only choice in Tucson. 

Patrick & Mona Watkins

I have been working with Julian a couple of times a week for several years and love his dynamic approach, generally focused on as many muscle groups as possible for all training. Central themes for him are always posture and slow movements to maximize benefits. He is constantly changing exercises which always seem to be from the core out and he keeps it interesting. Julian is upgrading his education regularly and is constantly creating seasonally adjusted workouts for me specific to golf, skiing and enduro motorcycle riding. He is the best trainer I have worked with period!

Peter Mordaunt